Adopted Jan. 1999 —- Oct. 29 2001

Ginny was a special girl.

She showed up as a stray at the shelter where I volunteer

on New Yrs Eve 1998.

My first thought was that her owners would surely come to reclaim

her….how could anyone let go of such a sweet senior dog.

No one ever came! How could anyone be so cruel to abandon her?

My then boyfriend now husband Rob and I brought her home to foster

in the hopes of rehoming her.

We of course kept her instead and she joined two other shelter alumni

Cosmo and Mr. Mugsy as a permanent addition.

Ginny loved to walk and play with a tennis ball.

She assumed the role of grand dame in our house. The boys respected her.

She was tough surviving three surgeries in her 2 1/2 yrs with us.

In the end it was her legs and hips that troubled her and made

it difficult for her to stand and walk.

She kept her dignity ’til the end.

We stayed with her while the vet sent her off to the rainbow bridge.

I kissed her and told her to look for Mr. Mugsy who left us in February.

Run to him…he’ll be there to meet you.

I asked her to wait with him until we could all be together again.

The pain of losing her is unbearable.

I try to think of Ginny running in heaven chasing a tennis ball

and pain free.

She was our girl and will be missed for ever more.