Giuseppe by Jennifer & Rob Camp / Mom & Dad

Did It Have To Be You?

I remember the day we brought you home,
You seemed happy to have a family.
Three months pass and you’re taken from our lives,
Tell me, did it have to be?

You left us way too soon, Giuseppe,
It’s hard to go on without you.
You were such a special cat,
And we cherish the time we spent with you.

The first time I laid my eyes on you,
That bubblegum nose and your golden fur,
And when I reached down to pat your head,
You let out the loudest purr.

I knew at that point you had to be ours,
You were the first cat we had together.
We gave you so much love and spoiled you,
We thought it would last forever.

You made every attempt to spend time with us,
So much love poured from that little heart.
The months spent with you were short and sweet,
But then it came time for us to part.

You started to get sick and we took you to the vet,
After numerous tests, they found nothing wrong.
They assumed there was an infection somewhere,
And a week later you were gone.

That fateful night we heard you cry,
We rushed to find you on the floor.
Your body shook for a little bit…
…then you stopped.
Your heart would beat no more.

Just like that you were gone,
I screamed and burst into tears.
Why did it have to be you?
You didn’t even get to live a few years.

Now we can no longer stroke you fur,
Or pat you on the head.
Three months have passed since you were here,
It’s still lonely in our bed.

You are not there to wake me in the morning,
With you soft and loving meow.
I wonder if you can still here me,
When I tell you I still love you now.

You will forever live on in our hearts,
The way you once did down here.
You filled our lives so full of love,
And now we have so much to share.

Until we meet again Giuseppe,
We’ll always think of you.
It still hurts to live without you here,
But there was nothing we could do.

Thanks for the memories Giuseppe!!


All our love and complete devotion,
12, Aug 2002
Jennifer & Rob Camp