Gizmo by Beverly

My Baby Gizmo
November 10 1985 – October 27 2000

In the beginning
under my bed one cool crisp autumn night
You were born.
I laid you and your brother and sister
On a heating pad
Heads all facing one way.
And I covered you up.

Through the years you were there
when no one else was.
My constant companion.
Always lovingly and with longing in your beady eyes
You sought me out wherever I was.

Oh how you loved to go for a ride and
I took you everywhere.
You knew where Grandma and Grandpa
lived as I turned the corner.

You were a smart little poodle.
You knew the names of your toys
and could bring them when asked.
You always had a toy in your mouth
and wanted to “play”.

Then when you were almost 10
your “sister” came to live with us
And completed “Our family”
From the beginning she loved you
with all her might.
And you loved her back in so many ways.
You let her dress you up in doll clothes and
she “married” you to a stuffed animal.
You let her walk you on your “leash”.
You played musical beds
Wanting to be loyal to both.

Your sister would run around the house
And you’d happily chase her
barking up a storm.
When it snowed your sister would
put your “boots” on
And take you out.
You liked your sister’s ears and would lick them
After her bath.

Every year on November 10th we’d sing your
Happy Birthday song and somehow you knew
It was your special day.

As with all things
there is a beginning and
An end.
And like a trouper
in the end you still sought me out
With blinded eyes and deaf ears.
Through your pain
you knew your “Mama” was there.
My heart will never be the same.
I tried to “save” you but I couldn’t.

There will never ever be another Gizmo.

I believe there is a special place in
heaven for you “Boo-Boo”.
Find it and wait for me.



27, Oct 2000