Gizmo by Brittany / Sis, Mom, and Dad


If the world only knew
How much I love you.
I love you so much.
I just wish I could feel your touch.
I would give anything to see you,
Without you I am So blue.
I would love to feel you breath.
I understand why you had to leave.
That was God’s Plan to put you here and then take you away.
But in my heart you will always stay.
One of these days when I see your sweet face,
I will thank God for sending you and me to such a
Great place.
But until that day comes
My heart will be numb.
But I got to be thankful for the memories we shared.
We were together always as pairs.
I thought of you as my sister
I tell my self.
“I wish I had one more chance to kiss her”
Well sweetie I hope you’re doing fine.
Don’t worry about me, I soon will stop crying.
I swear under oath
That God is taking care of you and me both.
I think of you constantly
“Gizmo Lee”.
I always think of you playing with your toys or
Eating a bone.
It just isn’t the same with you gone.
My baby girl I know you’ll always be by my side
Helping God be my guide.
I love and miss you.
Someway, Somehow I will make it through.


I Love and Miss you so much!
21, Mar 2001