Gizmo by Tamika / Family and Mommy

It all started on a summers day I always begged my mom for a orange tabby cat. Until a day came where my mom and I happen to look on petfinder and saw 2 little disabled kitten Hopper and Reba. Hopper was a copper /orange and white kitten while Reba was a black and white kitten; of course a day came where we ended up adopting Hopper which we renamed Gizmo. As soon as he came home he fit right in. He was a true friend who made me smile everyday day. He had only two toes on the back paws. I never cared he was special. Special in a way no one but our family would understand. He had short whiskers and alot of extra skin. I truly loved this cat.

Then he became lonely until a stray tabby cat came and Bemae his best friend, but sadly a couple months later he became very sick. It turned out to be a serious case of urinary tract disease mostly found in young male cats..We brought him to a vet saying it’s not bad but will need medication to heal it. Overnight his disease progressed in the morning we brought him to the vet again. The vet said Gizmo had to under go a surgery with having a cathater to let him urinate. We brought him home expecting Gizmo to recover but once again he needed a cathater again. So we brought him home and he worsened so we brought him to our sister’s vet to get the same treatment a cathater.

Soon he got so bad that there was one more treatment so he had and got medication. The next week was critical but his severe crying to tell us he was in pain was too sad and we couldn’t let him suffer anymore he mouning so loud and we knew was telling us it was his time.

It was the last we wanted to hear but he was so important and it was the only humane and loving thing we could have done to stop his pain. Gizmo only lived a year but a special year where he was happy! Gizmo was put to sleep on December 5 2005. Sometimes we still think he’s here still playing with Cosmo the other tabby, but I know he really is there being our family guardian angel and my mom sisters and I will never forget our first 2 toed cat and my first cat. But I know that he is out of pain and at rainbow bridge. We love Gizmo. Until we all meet again, we love you and hope you are having fun.