Gizmo Gizzie for short by Linda Hawkins / Linda, Gizmos Mommie

Gizmo was realy a special gift from God from the beginning back in 1994. As my daughter found her in the middle of a busy interstate in a terrible thunderstorm, I Guess the only thing that saved her then, was the storm.

Traffic was slow. My Daughter & her then boyfriend (Husband now)thought they hit her, and stopped right away (in the middle of the road to check,) as they opened the door to her Suv. Little Giz soaked to the skin jumped right on in the truck!!! So my daughter brought her home.

I was still at work at the time,but when I returned home went to kiss my daughter goodnite. And as I went into her room this tiny little thing sat up on her hind legs like a little squirrel.

It was love at first sight!!!I have to be truthful we tried our best to locate Gizzies orginal owners we did newspaper lost & found,to posters to no avail. even contacted local vets. But nothing came about our search.

I feel it was someone traveling that might have stopped at the gas station on an exit not to far from where she was found, I’ll bet she tried to follow the car with her owners, they not knowing she was out of car.

I prayed for them for a long long time over the loss of such a special little dog. But at that time I was going though a loss of my own which was very painful for me and I just know God sent this little dog
to help ease my pain.

To me she was NEVER A DOG, but my reason to face each day. Someone to love, & take care of. She was my best friend.

I NEVER left her except to go to work. When I went on Vacation or traveled she was with me for 12 years. If she couldn’t go I didn’t!!! think I’m Crazy??

That’s just how much I loved her and she returned the love ten-fold. We found out in Sept of 06 that she had congested Heart failure.

And she was put on several different heart medications; she was doing fine until the month of Dec. I noticed her energy level was getting slower. We made several trips back & forth to her DR. He told me she was fine, & holding her own.

But two days before Christmas her appetite started slacking, so I spoon fed her and she seemed to enjoy it. But Christmas Eve & Christmas she refused to eat so first thing Tuesday, Day after Christmas to the Dr we Go He wanted to do some tests and keep her overnight. I really didn’t want to leave her BUT I wanted what was best for her. But 2.00 A.M Wed. Morning I woke up just so wide awake and in that instance I knew my Gizmo was gone.

Please believe me I’m really not a nut but somehow I just felt it all over. Then I got very mad at myself for even thinking that way, but I had to wait till 7.00 am for the Vet to open to even check on her; that was a long 5 HOURS!!! I was supposed to pick her up at 8.00 that morning

But she was gone from me. But my special little angel I know held off for me till then, because Christmas is so special to me. It’s been 4 months and I just can’t seem to get past this. My heart is so heavy, and I just feel so lost and depressed. I try really hard every day to face my loss and go on, but I just don’t know if I’ll ever get over her loss

Well I hope I didn’t bore anyone, but thank you for this wonderful site, I really found it by accident as I was looking for some memorial stones for her grave. She has an angel on her grave with some flowers but I want something really special. So thank you & God Bless all of you, and my prayers go out to others that have lost that special companion. And yes I can’t wait to meet Gizzie at the rainbow bridge.


God Bless All the little Animals,
Gizmo Gizzie for short
Linda Hawkins