Gizmo Hernandez by Jose & Kathy Hernandez / Mommy & Daddy

Gizmo, our special little boy was taken suddenly in a thunderstorm. We were a family. He was our Son. The pain is greater than any pain we have known in this lifetime. We see him everywhere. His place on the sofa, the space between us in the bed, the place where his food & water bowl were, his collar & leash next to the front door, his milkbones remain in there place on the floor. We can’t move them, not yet. Our cat, Nati is also grieving his loss.
He looks lost without his brother.

We never knew Gizmo’s birthdate. He adopted us seven yrs ago. He was terrified of thunder & lightening. As a storm brought him to us, a storm took him away. I know the pain of losing a friend & family member. Nothing and no one can take the pain away. My heart is empty, I feel exhausted from crying. I can’t sleep.

Gizmo comforted us when our children left home. He helped us welcome our three Grandchildren into this world. When we were sick, he never left our side. He was loyal, loving us unconditionally until the end. We are given many precious gifts as we go through life. Some, we are allowed to enjoy a long time. . . others only briefly. But, each gift has the power to change and enrich us, to make us “better” human beings. Innocence. . . all gone in too brief a lifetime.

Gizmo has left behind a “special love” that will last a lifetime. You are gone, but never forgotten.


Little Patitas,
Gizmo Hernandez
4, June 2003
Jose & Kathy Hernandez