Goldie Eyes by Julia / Your mummy….

Me and my friend found Goldie-Eyes in her pond. GE only had one eye left because my friend had two cats and a largeish pond (this meant that she was blind in one eye). Me and my friend thought it would be really stupid to leave goldie eyes in her garden with the cats so we decided to take GE back to my small pond with netting over it and only one cat (Sasha). I loved Goldie Eyes lots and lots.(Alice)My Friend asked me every day at school if Goldie Eyes was okay, the answer was “yes” every day for a very long time.

Pretty soon the dreaded moment came and I had to tell Alice that she had died. I miss you sooooooooooooo
much especially your soft little “robitt” in the morning. I hope your right beside Grandad with a healed eye.


NEVER to forget you, love,
Goldie Eyes