Goldy by Bettina


" Goldy "

March 1993 ----- Aug. 12th 2000

Guinea Pig

My Little Darling


You're tired my friend

I can see it in your eyes

You're spirit is gone friend

Prepare for soon it'll rise


You are sleepy my pal

I will rock you gently

Always back and forth my pal

I'll make your exit friendly


I promise I'll stay friend

Cover you in soft caress

I will hold you close friend

When your heart is beating less


Don't be scared my pal

It will be fast

Your sister is there pal

Her friendship will always last


You are in pain my friend

I can feel you yell

We will have a service friend

Silently echoes the bell


If only I could help pal

Like the whisper of a chime

I can hear them call pal

Turn back the wheel of time


Goldy- You will be missed forever!