Gracie by Ashlee Peterson / Ashlee

Gracie Peterson was the worlds greatest dog. She was abandoned on the side of the road. Uou could tell she had been hurt because whenever I took out the trash and took the newspaper out I would roll the newspaper up in a roll so it would be easier to carry. Gracie thought that I was going to hit her with it so she would duck low to the ground and slowly walk away. She got a little better over time. Gracie would never hurt a fly she was sweet and cuddly anytime I had a bad day I would start crying and Gracie would slip under my arms and lick my face softly.

We found out that Gracie was blind and her cataracts had taken over her whole eye. She also had a bad ear infection that wouldn’t go away. I knew that I had to do something I couldn’t watch her go through this terrible pain any longer. The thing that hurt me the most was that Gracie didn’t know who I was. I knew that I would never hear that sweet soft whimper at the gate after I came home from school. I also knew that I would never wake up to greet her as she gave me a sweet wet kiss. In loving memory of Gracie Peterson. I LOVE YOU, My little Dreebee.


I will love you forever .
Dreebee mama loves you.
Ashlee Peterson