Grey Kitty by Katie & Family / Katie

Grey Kitty, having you euthanized was one of the hardest events I have ever experienced. It was a very painful decision to make, but it was even more painful to see you suffer. I had to consider what you were feeling, rather than how it would impact me. This is why I chose to remain in the room while it happened; I could not bear to leave you all alone. You were so strong throughout everything! Knowing that you are no longer in pain is my only comfort at the moment.

As you know, I was very attached to you. You were so much more than just a cat to me. You were a companion. You were always so loyal, following me around the house wherever I went. I loved the warm welcomes I received when arriving home. At the end of a long day, you were my comfort.

Your soft fur and rhythmic purring became therapeutic for me. Even when you were too weak to move, you would still gather all your energy just to come next to me. Do you remember when we first got you? You and I were both so young. I completely forgot about my baby dolls to focus all my attention on you. I treated you as my baby: carrying you everywhere, sitting you in my lap, reading stories to you.

You became a member of the family, and have helped shape many memories. You will forever have
a special place in my heart.


Loving You Always,
Grey Kitty
23, May 2003
Katie & Family