Greykey by Dot



1972 ----- 1975

Gray Persian


You gave me love while growing up and fear was felt,

You offered comfort and peace; When the hard-knocks were dealt

I miss you my friend my precious grey cat

The sound of your meow the gold in your eyes the way in which you sat;


Day by day at 3:30 pm you would be there patiently,

Anticipating waiting just for me,

I would walk thru the door and there you were,

my boy my cat my love wrapped in furr.


I can still feel the nibbles you would give me on my chin

Oh if you could only see my face my grin,

You would know how very much I love you

Miss you and hope and pray,

that we will meet again on "Rainbow Bridge" and

Together we will make it a glorious day!


We will walk across just me and you.....

Side by side never to be apart again.

Until then I love you my Greykey my cat my friend.