1972 —- 1975


When I was growing up things where very tough.

My childhood was quite strained to say the least.

There were so many times I felt alone. One day I found a grey kitten.

He followed me home from school. What a sweet face.

I managed to talk my parents into letting me keep him.

He had a strange habit of nibbling at my chin to show affection.

He slept with me all the time and on particularly “bad” nights he

would snuggle closer and give me comfort peace.

He would always jump into my bed after I was all snuggled in and pull at

my covers with his teeth. He was a funny cat. He too wanted covers.

We did everything together. Watched TV did homework

(he was better at math than me)and cuddled quietly. He would wait for

me everyday after school. My mom told me at 3:30 pm he would leap

from where ever he sat and make his way to the front door.

There I was always greeted by his meow a rub against my leg and a purr.

When I cried he’d meow. He had a meow that I will never forget.

When my parents divorced I took Greykey with me to live with my Dad.

Somehow he got out. It was winter…and very cold. I found him a month later…

under a bush. I was walking into town with my sister and heard a meow.

I knew that “meow.” It was him. He died 2 weeks later of pneumonia.

A part of me died with him.

But he was my “hero” and my peace…..wrapped up in Grey furr.

I am 40 now and he died in 1975. I have beautiful children and wonderful

pets…..but I will always have my special memories of my “Greykey”.

I can’t wait to see him again.