Griffen by Reyes Family / Your lil’ sis Cassie

The first day of first grade Mommy took me to school and we saw a crowd of kids surrounding you. You were so scared. I walked up and you came right to me. I asked Mommy if I could keep you she said “We’ll see what your father says”, then she told me to hurry to class or I would be late. After school I ran to the car and there you were waiting for me, you were sitting there like an angel sent from god.

You and I played all day but you and Mommy were like peanut butter and jelly. You would crawl under the blankets at night and rest your head on her pillow and fall asleep right next to her. Remember when you would chase Daddy and play tag with him for hours you would catch him every time you sure were good at that game. Jamerson says he misses playing with you and that you were the only cat that didn’t bother his asthma, and Jessica, I know she really didn’t play or talk to you much but I know she loved you and I’m sure you and her spent lots of time together.

About five years later you went missing for weeks. We searched everywhere for you and in doing that we found Grandmother Griffen. Remember her, you would go to her house and eat some more, you loved to eat. Then one morning after we thought you were gone forever you came dragging your foot behind you. Mommy found you. We were all so happy you made it home everyone cried, including Daddy I know he did. you were home and safe once again. We found out your leg was broken. Mommy had a choice to give you surgery or put you to sleep but she decided to get the surgery and you got your surgery and you had to walk around with a pin in your leg. You looked funny with a shaved leg. Mommy made the best choice because you made those last three years of your life the best three years of my life!

Then about three years after that you went outside I said “See ya later Griffen.” you never came back. about seven days later we found out you had got attacked by coyotes. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to help you I should of been there after eight years of being there I wasn’t there. I miss you so much. You were all alone no one to help you. I know you fought hard because you were the toughest cat on the block. But you just couldn’t get free. But don’t worry when we meet again and it is my time to cross the Rainbow Bridge I know that you will be there waiting and from there on I’ll always be there.


See ya later Griffen,
Reyes Family