Guido by Jasmine and Brandon Parker / Momma and Papa

We had him just a few short months, three to be exact
but in that time we fell in love with our perfect little cat.
He had so much character you could see it in his face
and he would shine like no other
when he won the laser race.
He thought it was great to get me up at three.
I of course did not unless I had to pee.
He could have been a fish. He loved the water so well. He loved it if someone else was in it for him
the answer was no.
He loved to eat Ben and Jerrys. It had to be half baked.
I tried to share my low carb kind, but he knew it was a fake.
He loved to go for walks, there was so much more to see.
One day to our surprise he even climbed a tree.
He gave us so many memories. There are too many to share
but we can not be selfish. Someone else must need his care.
We hope he finds a place to lay streched out in the sun
until we are together again when all our days are done.

Guido Parker
lived 9/7/2002-7/15/2003
gave us life 4/15/2003-7/15/2003
We love you kitty boy.


In our hearts forever,
15, July 2003
Jasmine and Brandon Parker