Gunner by The Alexander Family / Mommy

I miss the sound of you walking
on the tile and the hardwood floor.
I miss your bark and scurrying
to the door when the bell rings.
I miss your chin on the counter
trying to steal whatever I’ve laid out.
I miss you jumping
off the couch and shaking
your big floppy ears.

I miss your kisses and snuggles
and your cute expressions,
the way you tilted your head
when I’d say “Wanna play football?”
Or the way you jumped like a giant rabbit
when I asked if you wanted to eat.
The dance and joy in your step
when it was time to go “Bye bye”.

I miss the way you followed me around and
just loved being near.
I loved the way you guarded
my child and was her closest companion.
I miss the way I felt safe at night
with you by my side when Chris was gone.
I miss the way we both fit
on the love seat with my feet
tucked under yours.

When you were young,
I loved to watch you chase lizards.
And birds and squirrels and
whatever the wind would blow.
You loved to steal the ball and
run and Chris would chase you.
I loved playing Frisbee with you,
watching you jump and catch it in the air.

I loved the way you’d let
Samantha do whatever she wished.
So many pictures of you in hats,
with dolls, on her bed,
just happy to be there.
You were so excited
when we’d come home just
to have our attention.
You were content just being
in the room with us,
being a part of the family.

You never let your lost eyesight or
bad legs get the best of you as you got older.
You were always the same lovable happy dog
no matter what life dealt you.
My life is better because
you were a part of our family.
You are forever loved and never forgotten.


All my love,
18, June 2008
The Alexander Family