Gypsi by Jenny



July 31 1991 ----- May 19 2000


Divided Souls


I would sacrifice it all to hold you again.

To kiss you & play with your purr.

You are my baby my child my friend.

And when you cuddle I know it's for sure.


God gave you to me; a priceless grant of love.

A symbol that love does exist.

You are the most precious gift from above.

You are everything for which I ever wished.


I hide my pain & tears & I muster a nod.

For I cannot let go of your soul.

And though I was blessed by miracles of God.

The same God has created a hole.


I know nothing is forever in this life on this Earth.

And I will never understand why.

But from the instant of your beloved birth.

A promise to always rely.


In time I'll learn to accept this divide.

It is you my darling sweet-pea.

In my heart you will forever abide.

So go now my baby; be happy be free.