Hailey by Claire & Gary / Mom and Dad

I can’t believe a year has past
That you went away and I saw you last.

I remember the day you came to stay
And always hoped it would stay that way.

I met you on the day of your birth
A tiny pup, that just enter this earth.

We aged together, you and me
But you aged so much more gracefully.

The years flew by, ten years we had
Your youth it took, and this made me sad.

The love you gave was so truly pure
You were my sweetie…my baby girl.

Too suddenly came that very sad day
When I said good bye and you went away

I held you tight not wanting you to go
To a far away place I did not know.

One day in Heaven we will meet again
My gorgeous pup, my very best friend.


Time will never ease the pain of your passing, we love you.
24, Nov 2006
Claire & Gary