Hailey-Jade {Nemo} by Lauren M / Lauren {Your big Sister}

We are so close.
But yet so far apart
You may be gone to the world
But you’re alive in my heart.

Treasuring the precious moments
That we often shared
I understand their just memories
But I always cared.

Tears have often fallen
Since you’ve left my arms
But I shouldn?t cry no more
Because you?re out of harm.

I know you’re safe now
I really shouldn’t worry
But I can’t help but miss
My dog, so soft and furry.

Carrying this pain
Of loosing you, around
Even when I look for you
You are nowhere to be found.

I trust that you are with me
Even though I can’t see you.
I know that you’re beside me.
I just hope this is true.

Going on with you gone
Is really hard sometimes.
I am sad to know that
You?re no longer mine.

Giving up on the fact
That you’re not coming home
I really want to hug you
Instead of being alone.

Loosing someone you love
Is always so very hard.
I’ll usually get I’m sorry’s?
Or sweet sympathy cards.

When I finally realize
That my friend is gone
I realize there is really no use
In simply holding on.

Getting rid of pictures
Or their favorite bed
Will never make me forget
The thoughts inside my head.

All the happy times
That we can no longer share
May just be memories
But in my heart, there always there.

Replay them in my mind;
Replay them in my soul;
Replay them when my hurting
When the pain takes its toll.

Some people hide there feelings
With happiness and a smile
But what they do not know
Is that it only lasts for a while.

I Don’t try to hide my feelings
Just because it hurts
Hiding my true emotions
Only makes it worse.

One day in my life
I will have to deal
With the fact that they’re gone
And that their death was real.

Don’t try to deny it
Don’t try to forget
Cause another memory might pop at me
In less than a minute.

I know I’ve made mistakes
And loosing you is one
I really wish it wasn’t the end
But a story that just begun.

You may be gone here
But never in my heart
You might have been hurting here
But in heaven, you got a new start.


Hailey-Jade {Nemo}
18, June 2006
Lauren M