Haley by Bonnie & Nick

Joe found you eating melon
In a dumpster behind Big Y;
Left to roam out on your own
Never to know the reason why.

Chewed up tail in need of a bath.
Home he took you scraggly pup.
Sue excited with Joe’s new find
Both of them happy to clean you up.

Ma came home from shopping
And said “What do we have here?”
They pleading “Can we keep her?”
While their eyes began to tear.
There was no doubt that very day
Haley was ours this life so new
A visit to the vet would tell
We’d found a treasure in you.

A beautiful Border Collie
black and white
We unfamiliar with this breed
Just discovering your characteristics
Was our greatest pleasure
yes indeed.

Intelligent obedient
so easy to train
Kind and loving friendly too
Little did we know
we’d have 14 years
Of unconditional love
given us by you.

Haley a precious gift from above
A blessing in disguise
We’ll be there to meet you
at Rainbow Bridge
To hold you close
with love in our eyes.

Bonnie & Nick


12, March 2002
Bonnie & Nick