Hammer by Gary & Sandy / My Hammy

Hammer little Hammer, What a joy you were
and always will be in our hearts and minds.
The day you came into our lives was a special
one and will not be forgotten no matter how
much time passes. We know that we will see
you again someday. We know that Monte will
be waiting there for you when you come into
Jesus’ open arms and that you will play and
play until that day when we meet up again.
Mommy and Daddy will surely miss you until then.
Hammer our dear Little Hammer there wasn’t a day
that went by that you didn’t show your love
and we knew that you were a gift from above.
Gizmo and Lizzy will surely miss you too as you were part of our wonderful crew and they know
they will see you again someday.

Love, Hugs, Cuddles and Kisses,

Mommy, Daddy, Gary Jr., Paul, Billy, Monte, Gizmo,Lizzy, Princess and Sue Too….


Love always and Forever,
13, July 2005
Gary & Sandy