Hamton by Elizabeth / Mommy and Grams

My story starts on Feb,20 of 02, the date when I got my hamster Hamton. Yes I know his name is not spelled with a P because his name is unique. His name is Hamton because he’s a “HAM”ster and I got him the day before Washing”TON”s birthday. Well anyway one day I was at Bobs Feathered Friends pet store, I was looking for a hamster to love and I saw a cage full of baby hams but what surprised me was that Hamton was the only one awake out of 30 hams; he was scratching a the cage toward me while I was looking at the black bear hams. He looked so adorable, I had to have him and so I got him. He lived a nice happy 3 years, he was a father to 29 baby hams also. He also survived 2 strokes, he was a miracle in life.

The only twist about this story is that Hamton didn’t die of old age, he actually died in a hamster fight. Well he was in the same cage as a female ham because I was breeding them. Well for some reason one night Patty (female ham) wanted to take over hams territory and like all animals they fought over territory. Patty is a fancy Hamster and shes 3 times bigger than Hamton. Well she killed him during the fight. I have decided to feed Patty to a big snake because she took
my best and longest friend “Hamton”.