Happy by The Sontag Family / Faith, Susan, Steven, Scott, and Sean


You were abused as a puppy,
lost and alone.
Till one day, we saw you at our local pound.
So “happy” to see us like you just knew you belonged to us.
We gave you a loving home with plenty of food and a warm place to stay.
People would tell you that you were a lucky dog to have found such a wonderful home.
But in my heart and to this day,
I say we were the lucky ones to have been honour with your presence for as long as we did.
For all the times you made us laugh or smile,
For all the times you made our day a better one,
For all the times you asked for nothing in return, but gave us everything.
We love you Happy!!!!!!!!!
Today and always, you will be in our hearts.


See you again at the Rainbow Bridge,

Love always,
17, Mar 2004
The Sontag Family