Harley my beautiful boy, thank you for fourteen years of laughter and love. We are deeply grateful to you for being the bright light of joy to all of us. Thank you for accepting Elvis into our family with ease and grace. Thank you for teaching him how to be a Bulldog in the grandest fashion just like you like you, his devoted big brother. Thank you for all the smiles and for teaching me the fine  art of “napping“. Thank you for showing us that life is meant to be lived in the now, to be present in each moment, because that moment may be all we have.

Thank you for making us roar with laughter like madmen and when sad times came we thank you for kissing  away our tears.

Thank you Harley, for tearing open your Christmas presents and everyone else’s too. Thank you for playing soccer for both teams at once and for always stealing the ball –  your skills were legendary. And Daddy and I loved nothing more to watch you dazzle us, even in old age you never could resist a ball and maybe you moved slower but you had never lost your touch.  Thank you Harley for creating so many amazing and wonderful times. Thank you for leaving an ocean of memories where we can visit you and love you over and over again.

Thank you for being our rock through the hard times, thank you for never leaving my side and for seeing me through cancer. Harley, thank you for being my very best and dearest companion and my very best friend.  Although you’re not here, we know that you are forever young, forever beautiful and forever free.

All of our lives have changed but you’re still all around us, you’re just living inside our hearts now and you’ll live there forever.

Thank you old friend, we love you.

January 31 2019
Peter Suslock & Sean Walsh