Harley by Angelique Bloom / Angelique

My mom found Harley on a website he was from a puppy mill and was badly abused. He was locked in a cage his whole life and his front left leg was badly deformed. She kept looking and looking and his profile was always up no one wanted to give him a home, so my mom flew him half way across the country to come live with us and our other animals most of them rescued themselves. He was terrified to say the least my dad stayed up with him nights on end so he’d know he was safe; he had to have a few surgeries on his leg to correct it and he slowly started coming out of his shell.He became my “Bubba” as I often called him and he would howl when I came to visit and danced around and my mom said he cried everytime I left.

Harley was treated with so much hate in the first few months of his life so we made sure he was treated with nothing but love and respect for the rest of it. He was so funny his tail didn’t go side to side like other dogs. it went in a circle like a propeller and that’s what made him unique.

It’s only been a week and I miss him more than I can say and the other animals feel his absence but my mom says I need to focus on the life he had with us he was loved very much had land to run on and laid in the sun everyday instead of being locked in a cage and unloved away from the sun. I am a sure I will see my friend again and “Bubba” and I will play and he’ll be waiting with his tail spinning in circles.


My Loving Friend,
30, Nov 2007
Angelique Bloom