Harley by Gary Lane Hilburn / I Was Harley’s PET!!!!!!

One fine spring morning—BLU– our Russian Blue cat, gave birth to her second litter—- and THERE was this one HUGE all black baby! —- He ate like a pig and grew big and strong–HE had the greenest eyes in the state of Alabama.. My wife Jo took one look at him and said ” He looks just like a Harley Davidson” !!!! SO the name stuck–“Harley”….. Jo already had her pick of litter form Blu’s first litter—one NAPSTER– a snow white one blue eyed–one yellow eyed tom. Was a special needs cat.. We kept him as he had an aneurysms right after birth. Harley just got bigger and bigger and BIGGER!! BUT!! He let his brother Napster push him around as we think HE knew that he was “SPECIAL”.

The last week of July 2005– Harley got sick–rushed him to Dr. Darry Martins vet. — in Boaz, AL. He had breathed in a weed seed!!! It got into his lung–and just ROTTED it. Darry said “IF he had been at the Mayo clinic” they could not have saved him!!!!!! He went to the Rainbow Bridge in Gary’s arms in the vets office.. — They will forever be empty for that ol’ black cat!!! Jo and our kids have been just wonderful— I made him a nice box, and put him our “PET CEMETERY”– I made him a marble foot marker…… Tallon my grandson helped me put him to rest… He prayed for a thousand Irish Angles to take him to Kitty Heaven……

Jo lets me “have” Nappy to pet– and we comfort each other—He so misses his “little” black brother.. And I miss my bed-buddy! Jo bought me picture of a black cat–sitting amongst dazies….. Looks just like my HARLEY!!!!! Harley Cat!!!!!!
YOU were one of a kind!!!!!
And WE SHALL meet again……..
Gary Lane


Miss YOUR Green eyes in my bed,
Gary Lane Hilburn