Harley by Teri Singleterry / Mommy

Hello. This is for my beloved Harley who we had to put to sleep this morning….April 5th, 2003. We rescued Harley in November 2002 from a horrible situation. We had him treated for heartworms, had him neutered, and had him caught up on all his shots. He was a wonderful dog who had been severely abused in his short life. He brought us many laughs in the wonderful five months that we were proud to be his owners. Harley was diagnosed with hip dyplasia on March 17th and he was on Rimadyl and GlycoFlex and it wasn’t helping his pain. We had to put him to sleep this morning and I just want everyone to pray for him and I want him to know he will always be loved and remembered.


I will always love you Harley
Teri Singleterry