Harley Homan by Terri & Howard Homan / Love Mommy & Daddy

I volunteer at an animal shelter. One day when I went to work I saw Harley something about him pulled my heart strings that day so I rushed home & asked my husband if we could adopt him. He said yes because he knew there had to be something special about this pup or I would not have asked if we could bring him home. We already own 3 Am-Staff’s mom, dad & daughter. I took him to the vet for the works, He received a clean bill of health I was elated, I could tell he had had a rough first 18 months of his life, he was very skinny & beyond he did not even know how to play. Then all of the sudden he started getting sick he was burning a high fever & vomiting after giving him meds he seemed to get better then all of the sudden had gotten worse over the weeks. It turned out he was in the finial stages of distemper. We saved him just to lose him at least he had a loving home & a true family the last few months of his life & even had learned how to play. He will leave behind a litter that he will never get to see be born


May God & Saint Francis Watch Over You
Harley Homan
Terri & Howard Homan