Harry by Sue / Mama Sue

I wasn’t looking for a cat, really I wasn’t….but Animal Care called and had 2 cats that needed fostering. One that had been shaved, he was pretty ugly looking and no one would adopt him until his hair grew out; he was called Harry for reasons I’m sure you can figure out! The other cat was a little female who’d been attacked by a dog. I had a dog and was very nervous with her, I only kept her until she went to be spayed, then Animal Care picked her up to hopefully find her forever home. In the meantime, Harry was causing quite a ruckus in my house. I already had a dog and 3 other cats..but he was persistent.

He would poke his paws thru the cage and try to get out. He would howl, not just meow, no I mean HOWL! Finally I let him out of the cage, he promptly made my house his home. I took him to an adoption in our area but cried the whole time he was there, I actually prayed that no one would want him….and they didn’t. Thank God, because by then I knew he was mine forever.

He was an obnoxious cat, waking you at 3 or 4 am and wanting food. No matter the time, it was always for food. He grew to be about 18 pounds in his heyday and lorded it over everyone else in the house. He was the most lovable cat I’ve ever known, crying for attention at any given moment. He was happiest laying in your lap, or on you period. He had to be touching you when he slept and had his own spot at the end of the bed. Nobody dared sleep there but Harry.

I got him in 1996 and lost him on Monday, March 9th. It was very hard, but he went peacefully and ever so gently. I believe he died of kidney failure. I know I could have taken him to the vet, but I did not want him to have invasive things done to him or be kept at the vet for days…he was fading fast and was in no pain so I decided to let him go naturally instead of trying to keep him alive. He was purrfect and I will miss him every day of my life.

I told him it was ok to go and not to be afraid, that I would see him again. Then I prayed to God, because Harry was afraid of strangers, I asked God to meet him personally so he would not be so scared. And I believe he did too. So Harry, Godspeed and I will see you at the bridge, I know you will be waiting with all the furbabies….until then, I love you.

You were a four legged angel sent from God, and I now give you back with an open Heart, although it’s broken into tiny pieces.


You are every star, my rainbow....