Harry by Sue / Your mama, Sue

For some reason I felt the need to do some kind of volunteer work for a local shelter. I found Animal Care in our area and agreed to be interviewed to see if I would qualify to take on foster cats. Imagine it..ME! A foster Mom! Well they liked me (of course, I had 3 cats and a dog!!) They brought me a cat named Harry, he had been found abandoned.

They took him in, got him fixed, de-clawed him and shaved the matts that covered most of his body. Crazily enough after all that, the person decided to give him up to Animal Care and he wound up at my house because he was so very homely after the shave! I was determined not to get attached, oh ha ha on me. I took him to an adoption event and then cried the entire time and prayed he would be there when I went back..and he was! From then on he was MINE, or should I say, I was HIS.

The name stuck, how could it not when he grew his beautiful yellow long hair back. He was the most regal cat, and so affectionate! At some point down the road, I can’t quite remember, the original rescuer called me and actually wanted the cat back…because her daughter was going to college and wanted a pet! I was pretty mad and told her no of course and suggested not very nicely that she send her daughter with a stuffed cat! Needless to say I never heard from her again…no big loss! Harry stayed with me for 14 years, although I never knew his age, I believe he was about 1-3 when I got him..I figure then that he had a pretty darn good life! He went out as gently as I would expect, he got renal failure and just slipped away…died on our bed on March 9th.

I will miss that cat forever and know he will be waiting at the bridge with that Morris look on his face like what took you so long?
Thanks Harry, for coming into my life, for staying so long and for the memories of a lifetime…you will never be forgotten. I love you


Angels walk on wings, Harry is sitting on their lap waiting for his pets,