Harvey by Monica DeBiase / Monica DeBiase

It was 14 years ago that I brought you home to our family. During the car ride, I looked into your eyes and knew “Harvey” was the name for you. You have given me so much love throughout the years, a love that could never be replaced. We shared a bond that no one could ever understand. We spoke to each other without saying a word. Each day goes by and never are you forgotten. I feel your presence, I hear your bark, and remember your scent. I will always love you forever. I carry you in my heart & soul. I look up to the sky and see my “HARVEY STARS”. I pick out the brightest star and say goodnight. Hugs & Kisses Forever.
I dedicate the “RAINBOW BRIDGE” poem to you, Harvey.


Harvey Stars,
21, Nov 2005
Monica DeBiase