Hazel Lee Williams by Doug Williams & David Correa / Doug, David, Angel, Raven, Kia, and Boo Kitty

Hazel came to us on Christmas Eve 2001. When she arrived we fell in love. Hazel was very intelligent, loving, dominant and beautiful. She made all of her other furry family members stay active. She was the first one to do everything she kept the house full of energy. At bedtime, she would get on the bed and curl up until we went to bed. She then would come over and request to be loved. She always wanted 1000 kisses before we went to bed and throughout the day. Hazel knew what to do when you were down or happy.
We always knew Hazel was special.

We thank God for giving us someone who provided us with unconditional love and joy. We truly miss her, however we believe she is now in God’s kingdom. We know she will make an impression there just like she did at home.
Thanks to our God, our Family and Friends for their continued prayers.

Hazel we miss your earthly golden furry body. May you enjoy what God has in store for you.
God, thanks for this special someone.
Please give her the thousand kisses
from us all at home.


Peace Be With You Hazel, until we see you again,
Hazel Lee Williams
8, Apr 2006
Doug Williams & David Correa