Heath by Kristin Nichole

“My Little Poo”

I loved you more
than you’ll ever know
You’re in my heart
You’re in my soul

Why did you have
to go so fast
My love for you
will forever last

The hurt and pain
is hard to take
You’re precious love
can’t be replaced

I know that you’re
watching over me
I think of you
hope you’re pain free

Our paths will cross
Can’t wait for then
I hope and pray
We’re together again

Until that time
Be happy and free
Cuz someday soon
You will see me

Just so you know
That you are missed
I send my love
With a gentle kiss

Yes I love you
You know it’s true
Take care for now
My little poo

~ Kristin Nichole ~

My Little Poo

Love Boo


1, Sep 2002
Kristin Nichole