Hector by Victoria Foos / Nae-Nae

Hector was my Guinea Pig. I had picked him out for my birthday! Hector was scared a lot so you really couldn’t hold him but he was special! In the morning when you’d feed him he’d start squealing really loud and we’d say to my big dog “Where’s the baby”! He would run Back to my room and watch him run around his cage, every day! Well, one day Hector started limping on one leg and he would lay on his back and rest a lot. He even let you pet him! One day when I wasn’t home Hector passed. My dad called and told me. I cried soooo hard. I couldn’t stand it. Even though he’s gone I know he’s safe and not in pain anymore. I do wish that I played with and held him more often. I just wish I could’ve said one last good-bye and let him know that I was sorry and loved him! Hector was 3 years old. Maybe he just died of old age. I miss him lots.


With Love,
Victoria Foos