Hercules by Louis

A Letter To Hercules”:

Hercules I miss you like crazy, been crying so much that my vision is hazy. Why did you have to go and leave me all alone? I have no one to talk to, in person or on the phone. I am just feeling left alone like a rag in the wind blowing every which way, and I’ve been wondering how without you I will make it through day after day. Hercules,I know in my heart that you are in Heaven and I will see you again someday, but as for myself right now without you I will not be ok. For only when I see you in Heaven will all of my tears be taken away.
Love you always and forever,

Your friend Louis.
P.S.Tell Striper I said hi.
Written 8-20-02 at 8:20pm

“He Only Takes The Best”-

God saw Hercules was getting tired and a cure wasn’t meant to be(Why I’ll never know.)So he put his arms around him and whispered, come with me. With tear-filled eyes I watched him suffer and fade away. Although I loved him deeply, I couldn’t make him stay. A golden heart stopped beating, a wonderful, loyal,loving pet and friend put to rest. God broke my heart that day to prove to me He only takes the best.
Written 6-5-02

“I Love You Hercules”-

Since I’ve lost my one and only true friend Hercules, I’m go crazing from the silence without him here. I miss his whine, the scratch on the door to come in, Hercules greeting me at the door when got home, holding his paw in my hand when I tell Hercules I Love You Hercules, everytime he squeezed my hand with his paw like he was saying” I Love You Too Dad”. Hugging him and feeling his fur against my face as he leans his head on my shoulder as if hugging me back, I’ve always felt warm inside when I hugged Hercules. I just wish I could have said good-bye or at least I love you to him one last time. So that “I Love You Hercules” would be the last thing he heard from me. Those four words “I Love You Hercules”.
Written July 2002

Love Him Always,



30, May 2002