Hercules by Louis

Since I’ve lost my one and
only true friend Hercules,
I’m going crazy from the silence
without him here.
I miss his whine,
the scratch on the door to come in.
Hugging him and feeling his fur
against my face as he leans his
head on my shoulder as if hugging me back.

Holding his paw in my hand
when I tell Hercules
“I love you Hercules”
every time he squeezed my hand
with his paw like he was saying,
I love you too dad.

Hercules was more like my child
than a pet because
he was so loving and loyal forgiving understanding
and loved me for me faults and all.

Whatever or whoever took
my great and wonderful dog and friend,
whether fate God or whatever
it is or was I would like to know
why I couldn’t say
I love you to him one last time.
So that “I love you Hercules”
would be the last thing he heard from me.
Those four words,”I love you Hercules”.

Written July 2002

Love Him Always,



30, May 2002