Herman by Ron and Patricia Caskey / Your momma and dad

One day my husband and I walked outside our house and there stood this beautiful cat. He had the biggest blue eyes you’d ever seen. He was white and had tan rings on his tail. He wouldn’t let us get close, but over the next few weeks, we had coaxed him close enough to pet him. A few weeks more went by and he stepped into our house and hearts forever.

Herman was a big cat with a large head. Ron and I would play around and rub his chin-which stuck out a bit. Over the course of a few months, his chin continued to get larger until I noticed that his gums and teeth were being pressed into the bottom area of his jaw. I took him to the vet where we learned that our beloved cat
had a large tumor on his jaw.

After surgery and radiation therapy-his chin was receding and we thought we had beat the cancer. A few months later, it was back. I came home from work one day and his tooth had broken through the tumor and he was bleeding badly from the mouth. We took him to the vet and had to make the terrible decision to put him to sleep-
we had done all we could.

Our beautiful cat was only about 2 years old and so full of life and so beautiful. That we had to put him to sleep was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make.


We will always miss you and think of you,
Ron and Patricia Caskey