Hermione by Lauren McElhaney / Momma

I wish you were here
That would take away every tear.
You’re gone, only love and memory remains.
Your pictures bring me unbearable pain.

All those days we spent together
Having the time of our lives, seemed like it’d last forever.
Then when I least expected it
You were gone in an instant.

You were there for me, like I was for you.
You were the one friend I could always go to.
But now that you’re gone
I have no one’s shoulder to cry on.

It hurts most
That you were so close.
So close to making it through
But at the same time, giving up to.

God took you away from me.
I just wish he could see
All my pain, all my tears
All my hurt and all my fears.

I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye
And for that, I simply cry.
Within every breath I take
I wonder how I can even stay awake.

I hate having to see your face everywhere I go.
It so hard having to deal with trying to let go.
You were my pal, my best friend.
The only thing I want, is to see you again.

I don’t understand why it had to be you
You were too young;
I thought you’d make it through
I can’t take it anymore
All my happiness, my pride,
has spilt on the floor.

It’s hard getting up each day
Knowing you’ve gone away
The fact that you can’t see me anymore.
All the smiles I had before
Are gone.
And all along,
I should’ve told you
How much I cared about you’
I was with you till the end
Till the end, you were my friend’

You were young; you were strong’
You held on for so very long
Until your heart just had to quit
And that was the end of it.

I guess that quote was true all along
You never know what you got till it’s gone.
Forever, I will miss you.
Forever, I’m with you.


I love you,
18, May 2006
Lauren McElhaney