Hershey by Anabel Alvarez / Your Mommy

I was under clinical depression and wanted a kitten. We went to a local animal shelter and at that moment they brought her in with her mother and 6 siblings. The owner/breeder had just had a baby who was sensitive to cats. We bonded immediately. She would cuddle up next to me during my darkest moments. She was beautiful though she didn’t seem to see very well (at first I thought she was blind). She seemed to be nearsighted and bumped into things when running and missed sometimes when trying to jump up somewhere.

The 1st week of March 2005 she got out and got lost. She seemed ill when I found her (probably poisoned). She passed away 20 mins after arriving to the vets ER. I hope she felt I was there for her then as I felt she was always there for me. I’ll miss her so!!!


Baby, With All My Love,
Anabel Alvarez