Hershey by The Rubensteins / your adoring family

Hershey is an amazing dog. And he always will be. There are so many good memories. Hershey was meant to be a king. He’d lay at the top of the steps presiding over his charges with his paws crossed. He was huge. a 120 pound stocky lab. But Hersh you were taken from us too soon. Hershey is one of a kind, there will never be another dog like him. He gave us so much, a shoulder to cry on, licking our tears away as we cried, a pillow and a best friend. Full of surprises Hershey loved bikes. He would chase us on our bikes forever. Although he was a black lab we had planned on getting a chcolate lab but it ended up not turning out, but we stuck with the name. And it was a great name for you Hershey because you loved giving us Hershey kisses. We love you so much, and you will never be forgotten.


with so much love
The Rubensteins