Hexi by Nanna / Nanna

Our daughter Kosima wanted a cat, when she was 7 Years old. In the local pound were no kittens ready to be taken home. So we answered an ad and visited the home of the kittens. We chose Hexi and her brother Bärli from a litter of a short haired 3-coloured cat, who had two short haired tiger boys (grey and orange) and three long-haired 3-coloured girls. My husband chose Bärli, because he had an orange tomcat, when he was a boy and we chose Hexi, because we never had seen such a cute kittie before and we thought it was good for both to have company when we were at work.

They both had a nice life with us.

In 1998 the vet told us, their teeth should be treeted, as they did three years before and we trusted her, because she wanted to bring them to a collegue, who was a tooth-specialist. I brought them in the morning and should get them at noon. When I left the office to get them, she called me by phone: “Bärli is well so far, but Hexi could not be reanimated anymore.” I was so shocked, because I could not say goodbye to her as long as she lived, only at the vet’s office, when she was passed away. Since this time I never let a cat wait alone for hours at a vet but stay there till the operation is made. I could not have helped her perhaps, but I had a bad conscience because she had to wait some hours before the operation without me.

I see her often in my imagination playing in a beautiful landscape, together with Bärli and the elephant they had to shoot in Leipzig when they could not save him from the big flood.


Hexi, I will never forget you!