Hogan by Brittan Dahl / Brittan, Zachery, Carter, Cathy and Don


Hogan was a beatiful Chocolate Labrador. He was only 6 weeks old when we got him. He was magnificant. I was absolutely amazed when I saw how chubby and cute he was. I loved him and never realized his life was going to end in two years. Growing up he was a very playful rambunctious dog. He was smart and very large. His big brown eyes would stare up at me and then he would faithfully come up and lay his head on my lap. He was always loving and loyal. Occasionally he would get out and run by the road and we would have to find him. He was so big everyone would know it was him and they’de return him. He was always a great dog. He would always run up to us when we were returned from somewhere and lick and lick and lick. He was also a wonderful listener. He would sit on the ground and listen to you contently and he could and would do this for hours.

The day he died he was being a wonderul pup. He was playing with my brother and letting him ride him when I was babysitting. The day went normal until I had to let the dogs out. I put them in the garage to dry off and the garage door opened. They both were gone. Shelby my other lab came back. And we had to search for Hogan. We were driving down the road and all of a sudden my mom started screaming…..It was Hogan he was on the side of the road. We got out of the car and drug him into the van and drove home. There we set him in the garage and I sat by him and pet him. Then I realized he wasn’t ever going to breathe again. No more licks, no more listening, and no more playing. I sob thinking about it. I loved him so much and I still do. He was my best friend and my angel. I miss him and if I see a picture of him I cry. I love you Hogan rest in peace. Shelby misses you and we all love you.


God Bless You, Hogan, and never forget us.
Brittan Dahl