Holly by Carla Preston / Your mummy

I traveled a long way to get you Holly. When I got there you were the last puppy. I feel that they saved me the best till last. I took you to your new home, you were only 7 weeks old and you were beautiful. You were always a playful puppy, I have got a scar on my nose from your playful antics!!!.

As you grew I moved to a lovely house with a big garden for you to sunbathe in. You shared my bed for many years keeping my feet warm.

The years we had flew by so quickly, I thought you would be with me for ever. You loved all my friends and their children and everyone you met you made a fuss of them. Even though you were a big dog you were such a big softie, you loved lying by the fire and enjoying chocolate with me and always trying to sit on my knee!!!

When you were diagnosed with cancer on 17 March 2003 I was devastated, my baby was going to die. I was so frightened for you, I did not know what was going to happen to you. I spoiled you more than ever with lots of chocolate, steak, chicken and even your favourite roast lamb and yorkshire puddings!! It got harder to tempt you to eat and you started to lose weight. You also had a heart condition called atrial fibrillation which caused you to collapse occasionally. Seeing you like this was heartbreaking, but Holly I said I would not let you suffer and I hope you didn’t.

On 14th May your back legs gave up on you, you could not even sit up. I had to feed you and give you ice cubes. I called the vets to come to our home. You went to sleep peacefully in my arms, I cuddled you and told you how much I loved you. I am sorry I was so upset but I didn’t want you to go, but I had to let you go so you didn’t suffer anymore.

I have got you in a special place in your garden where the sun will shine on you all day.
So rest peacefully my darling Holly.

Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Keep looking for me sweetheart, I will bring with me the biggest bag of your favourite maltesers and we can share them again!!

I will never forget you and I will love you forever.


Forever in my heart,
14, May 2003
Carla Preston