Honey by Charlotte Ruse / Love from your best friend always,


Now in peaceful slumber,
you once were so alive,
I never thought you’d leave so soon,
I thought you’d always thrive.

I lay in bed and
think of how you’d sit upon my chest,
I’d pet you and you’re gentle sounds
would put my mind to rest.

I still can see you here and there,
checking in on me,
These times I feel I’m very sad,
but I know that you are free.

I wished the pain was never there
that made you feel so weak,
I could have known much sooner
if only you could speak.

I never saw the signs
that started to appear,
I never knew the pain
was there until I pulled you near.

I tried my best and
I am sorry that it was not enough,
I feel so bad that I was glad
that you were Oh so tough.

I saw your eyes that one last time and
I began to cry,
I wish I knew that look you
gave was telling me goodbye.

I never felt a pain so great
as when I got the call,
Honey you were always
the greatest cat of all.

I know that you are happy now
in your pain free land,
I wish I had just one
more chance to place
your paw upon my hand.

I’ll never knew a truer love
than what you placed inside my heart,
Our spirits are joined as one and
will never come apart.

I know that you are gone now and
one day you’ll return,
I hope that you know that nothing could replace
the love you help me learn.


Honey, I miss you,
and I love you very much, until we meet again,
16, Nov 2002
Charlotte Ruse