Hope by Mandy Sharp / Your Grandma

I knew for quite awhile I wanted to give my 10 yr. old daughter a kitten for Christmas and yet for some reason,for weeks I couldn’t find a single kitten anywhere. It was the weekend before Christmas when I found you and your bigger brother at the pet store. You were so small and loved to be cuddled when I picked you up. I knew then you were definitely the kitty for Mandy. I named you Hope for the angels and what Christmas gives to so many of us. But I didn’t know then just how special & how big a part of Mandy’s life you would become.

That was 15 yrs. ago. Since then Mandy has grown into a beautiful young woman. You were there beside her the whole time. The adolescence, teen yrs, first love, cheerleading try-outs, the ups & downs of our family life, and later when it was time to move out, go to college, & live in the big city.You were always her very best friend, her little girl. You shared her with your first born, with all of us, Jason, and even when she brought Peeks home, you didn’t get jealous. The two of you have such a special bond. A bond that all of us could see and feel, that grew as the two of you grew.

You loved her as much as she loved you. Wherever she would be in the house so would you be there. Whether she was taking a shower, putting on her make-up, lying down to watch t.v., or bedtime. Jason would joke about how you were her shadow around the house.

You never let her down. When Mandy felt others or life had disappointed her, you were there for her. You would comfort her when she hurt. You would cheer her up when she was sad. You entertained her when she was bored or depressed. You made her feel better if she was sick. You never failed to greet her at the door
when she came home from a long day or night.

You are the “purr”fect cat. You have touched so many lives. Anyone who knew you, grew to love you. You never showed any dislike to a single person or animal.

I dreaded the day that finally came, both for you and Mandy. A day no one wanted to come. I know your last few weeks, even with your kidney failure, you were trying to be strong for Mandy as much as she for you. Although it was time for you to leave us, you will always be part of our lives. I will always be grateful for you being there for my little girl. And you will always be your Mommy’s little girl.

May the angels love you and
be taking as good of care of you as we did here.


Loving and Missing You, Our Baby Girl,
1, Oct 2005
Mandy Sharp