Hunter by Sarah / Mommy

Hunter it has been a year. I miss you more and more each day. You were there for me when alot of people wasn’t there getting me throught the hard times.
I often like to share the story of the day you and I first met: The young man couldn’t find you when I came to his house to pick you up and something in my heart said don’t leave with out this dog! The young man said “I am sorry miss I can’t find him: I stayed until I saw this big strong “puppy” run acrossed the yard: it was love at first sight.

Your being with me made me the happiest girl alive.. you were my best friend. Grandpa and Grandma miss you alot and so does Gunner. A little boy keeps asking where is Hunter? where is Hunter? I break down and cry and take Gunner by the hand and point towards sun setting sky: Hunter is in heaven where is up there running and playing! You will always be in my heart and my thoughts.


Love You,
15, Aug 2006