Isis by Anna Stinson / Mama

When we first got isis I was so thrilled because I finally had the black that I wanted ever since I was younger. She was the best cat. Granted she was moody. I loved her regardless of how mean she was at times.

Well, last Friday I had came home early from work and from picking up my kids. I was going to lay down on my son’s bed to help him with his homework. Thinking nothing of it I shewed them and two of my other cats off of the bed as always did before and she didn’t seem to mind. Well I had needed to get some map colors in the other room for his homework and I was walking down the hall and I saw that she was laying there. I looked at her and “move kitty” I kind of tapped her with my foot and she just looked at me she was laying on her side so I picked her up and when I picked her she felt cold and she was very lethargic… She usually would either pur or growl whichever she did neither.. The only thing she could do was cry.

So I went into the other room and set her down to see if she could, she did walk she just sat there. She wouldn’t eat or anything. So immediatly I scooped her up, put her in the cat carrier and was on my way to the vet.

When we went to the vet they took immediately back and took x-rays of her chest because she was hardly breathing..When they came back they said that she had fluid in her lungs and that they would try to drain it so they could make her feel better. They had also said that they were running tests on her to see what was wrong.

When the test came back I was devasted to find that she tested positive for feline AIDS. The disease had advanced so rapidly thru her body that there was nothing that the vet could do to save so he left the decision up to me go along with the treatmeants or put her to sleep. I had decided to put her to sleep and that killed me. He had taken me into a room with her and pet her and I gave her kiss on her head and kept telling her “I love you baby and I will miss you so much” and all she could do was cry.

I kept petting her and holding her until after the process was done and then when he told me she passed away I broke down right there in the office. I love her so much; she was like my furry baby
that I will miss always.

I know in my heart that I did the right thing but it hurts to have to see your not only or cat but a family member hurt so much..There was nothing that I could have done to save her. She kept kneeding at my face to when was carrying her around the house as if she was asking me to help her in some way or telling me she loved me.

To my baby Isis- I love you so much and I miss you too.
I will never forget you.


Love always,
Anna Stinson