Isis by Jennifer Bowers / Mom

Isis pises puddin’ pie,
Sunday you were taken
and now I cry.

I will always remember the sparkle in your eyes
the way you pranced and held your head up high.
You were my companion, my shadow, and my friend,
and you stuck with me until your end.

Everywhere I look, I see your face,
then sadly realize
there is only empty, silent space.
You were here so long, but gone so quick,
my tears will fall, for more than a little bit.

You will alwasys be in my heart and soul,
and when the tears do stop,
you will make me whole.
You were my girl of many names,
“Isis”, “Spazzina”, “Deflator Mouse”…you were
one in the same.

I had no time to say goodbye,
but I hope you felt my love in your last breath
and sigh.
Your dad was with you, he loved you so,
but to stop the pain,
he had to let you go.

Isis, I will miss you.
Isis, I will cry for you.
Isis, I will remember you you.
Isis, I will always love you.

And Isis, when it comes my time to leave this Earth, we’ll be together again and we’ll play all day.

Here’s to the squirrels, Spazzina.


With love to Isis,
10, Aug 2003
Jennifer Bowers