J.C. by Quennie Lanada Bonney / Mommy (Quennie)

I never thought I’d ever have
I never thought I’d ever love
You saved my life, my heart, my soul
I no longer feel so hollow.

I wish that I could at least be
Half the person you see in me
You’ve been my shadow fifteen years
My love for you will never cease.

Loving unconditionally
Showing me needed loyalty
My bestfriend and my family
Who could it be? You, my Eskie.

I miss you more than you will know
Although I know you had to go
At Rainbow Bridge, just wait for me
I will cross it someday with thee.

~ You have been the most loyal friend I have ever had. My heart aches now that you are gone, but I will forever love you. I will never forget you. You mean the world to me. Until we meet again … ~


With All My Heart and Soul
26, June 2014
Quennie Lanada Bonney