J.J. by Mary G. Hill / Love, Mary G. and Candy-O

We know that our boy’s last journey
Led first through the valley dim
But the loving Christ was there waiting
While we trusted all to Him!
And we know that the royal lillies,
That lean over the restless tide,
Forever are bright with the glory
That’s just on the other side!

O precious little traveler!
We know that your tiny feet
Have passed the mystical boundaries
Where the earthly and heavenly meet!
Remembering our good-bye kisses
Not forgetting our passionate tears,
In the beauty and light and glory
That met you beyond the stars!

No pain for the brow death kisses
No tears for the bright eyes to weep!
You have passed from our human caresses
To Those far more tender and deep!
But be pitying, Lord, if in blindness
Dark despair cannot be overcome,
We forget for a moment Thy kindness,
To wish back our precious beloved one.

Author Unknown


Watch for us at The Bridge,
23, Feb 2003
Mary G. Hill